Mike is the founder and designer of BirdieUp, a social golf app for your iPhone. BirdieUp is a product built to enrich and help golfers play better and have more fun.


BirdieUp is designed for new and advanced golfers, coaches, and more—if you like golf you'll want to be part of the community. BirdieUp lets you record videos of your golf swing and get crowdsourced feedback from other players who can offer insights into your game. Maybe, while you're at it, you've got a few great tips you can share with other golfers. But that's not all, you can message and chat with friends you make as well as use a calendar to arrange tee times and play golf with your buddies. We surveyed the concept, and among golfers, they loved it—we hope you will too. Its a simple concept, but it takes your eyes wide open to see it.

BirdieUp hopes to be part of you and the rest of the community working together to make everyone better players and have more fun playing.

Check out what BirdieUp brings to golfers


Record your swing and share

Get updates on your friends, golfers you follow, and record videos so you can help yourself and the community with their game!

With BirdieUp, it is easy to upload one of your swings or share tips with the community. From the homescreen you can:

  • Browse through all the community's newest videos
  • Filter to find something you're looking for
  • Comment on videos or add fellow golfers
  • Upload videos and more!

Send tips & arrange tee times

Easily get tips, arrange tee times, or talk about the last round you just capped off with your buddies.  

Send and receive messages to your friends and followers. Getting in touch with your fellow golfers has never been easier.

See what's going on

With a simple, stylish, and straightforward way to notifications, you can quickly and easily find out what's going on around you—that way you can get back to golf.


Your own video library of tips

Find videos that you loved and easily favorite them so you can get back to them later when issues arise with your game. There is no better way to organize video tips that help you improve your game.

Easily connect with your friends through facebook, find friends to follow and play with, and grow your foursome. Maybe you'll even find a guy (or gal) to fix that slice of yours.

Golfers are excited about the potential of BirdieUp, see what they are saying:

Love the name of the app! I like the idea of using social media apps to learn tips and tricks from other golfers, and maybe share a trick of my own with others!
My favorite part is that I can post a video about my issue and others in the community would help me. I’ve never seen anything like this on the market today anywhere and I would tell my friends all about it—the first app of its kind.
It is easy to read about an issue I am having but hard to put into practice on my own. So having discussions with others who are having issues with their game can help me resolve my own.
This seems great! I always seem to be getting “helpful hints”, but never know how to make them work for me.