Mission Statement

When we think about creating a great product, a great brand, or a great design, often we find ourselves focused solely on the execution, forgetting that in the end, our creative work must touch someone. Its because of this, I design with empathy and always putting the user or customer first....this idea is the genesis of design thinking.

I bring a design-led & empathetic approach to everything that I do—from working with teammates to creating new design solutions. Its this mission that pushes me to do great work that inspires people, delivers results, and executes at blistering speed. Well-thought design solutions have a huge effect on everything—conversions, ROI, style, feel, emotion, awareness, consideration, loyalty, and trust. I bring my combination of hard work, intuition, constant research, and a little secret sauce, that all play a big role in delivering great ideas to people.

Approach to Collaboration & Leadership

“The best ideas must win.”
— Steve Jobs

Leveraging our teammates and coworkers is key to driving the best results...There is no exemption—great talent and unique experiences come from a variety of sources and people. In order to get the most from the people around us, I focus on three things: first is curiosity, second is trust, and third is challenge. We have to induce curiosity within the people around us. Asking out of the box questions, to spark excitement and possibility are crucial in driving curiosity within our collaborators—this gets people to rethink their original ideas. The second key, trust, is probably the most important thing to driving results from everyone around you. You can't get designers or collaborators excited with possibility if you don't trust them to deliver on ideas—our coworkers have to know you trust them to do great work, to act on their curiosity, and you have to trust their results. Challenge is the third and perhaps the trickiest aspect because it is often the least tangible. Its a very careful and thought out approach to taking a designers work (for example) and "elevating" it to make it better. Challenging their thinking to get even better results. Successfully bringing these 3 points together takes intuition, empathy, and vision but yields great work, helps grow our fellow teammates, and fosters an environment that people want to be part of.

At the end of the day, the best ideas must find a way—anyone's.





About Mike Puglielli


I leverage a decade of experience within the creative industry working with global brands focusing on design, creative direction and brand building to drive outstanding marketing initiatives. As an expert in technical, conceptual, and design development from concept to implementation, I can bring life to ideas that start at the whiteboard. I have worked and managed in a variety of teams from 5 to 30 creatives ranging from copy writers, designers, and web developers, at both agencies and fortune companies.

I have been lucky enough to have worked with great people at global brands like Mendix, Kaspersky Lab, and Packworks Inc of New Balance, as well as other companies like PC Connection (Fortune 1000), Sokolove Law, Morrison Home Inspection, Sfolia Baking, Momentum Soles, Neal Advertising, and more. Mike also has a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in digital media.

Outside of design, I love to travel with my wife (and now daughter) and play golf. I am passionate about cooking and I can see myself one day running a restaurant. The food I cook is inspired by my trips, classic family recipes, and any crazy craving I might get. 


I take great pride in building strong relationships. There is no replacement for those who you enjoy working with and who help you reach your goals. Here are a few who have shared their thoughts about working with me:

Mike is a thoughtful, creative design professional who thoroughly involves himself in a project to arrive at the best outcome for the business. He worked with his colleagues and peers in a collaborative manner and took on a mentor role for new team members. Mike was responsible for several new initiatives for both B2B and B2C producing assets that had positive results for the business. In addition to all of this, Mike has a great attitude and sense of humor; truly a pleasure to have on the team.
— Susan Cardoza
I worked with Mike on a variety of projects during my time at Kaspersky Lab. Mike was always prepared when we met and brought new, fresh ideas to the table. Mike is more than just a graphic designer... he stays up to date on marketing and industry trends and always offers insightful suggestions.

Mike has a positive, can-do attitude. There is no project to big or too small for Mike and I always looked forward to working with him.
— Ashleigh Serrano
Michael has an impressive natural talent for visual design and the technical know-how to apply it to the web. He is both professional and fun to work with - a great asset to any team.
— Cale Sweeney
Mike was great to work with at Kaspersky Lab. He is very creative and disciplined at helping to get the job done successfully and on time. He has an excellent ability to communicate and work with business owners to understand their requirements and turn them into designs and assets that met their business needs and goals.
— Jon Whitlock
Mike designed several content-based campaigns for the Demand Generation team at Kaspersky. His approach of fully understanding the context and goal of each campaign led to many high-quality designs that engaged prospective customers. Additionally, as questions surfaced about anything from troubleshooting how an email or landing page is coded to the best layout of a new eBook, Mike was always willing to dive in and find the best answers.
— Jenifer Silverstein
I had the pleasure to work with Mike for one and a half years at Kaspersky Lab. Mike is extremely reliable and one of the best designers with whom I’ve worked. Mike is very easy to work with, and friendly personality. While working with him I witnessed his growth as a co-worker and friend. When I needed help he was more then able and eager to assist me. He brings many things to the table. His design skills, communication and openness to solving problems are all valuable traits. He is a true asset to any company.
— Ann Pham
I have had the pleasure of working with Mike on many high level projects on a daily basis. The quality of his work was always impeccable, his attitude and professionalism never waivered and he was always willing to help when needed. His positive attitude is great to have as a part of your team and his creative ideas would make any company proud to have him on board!
— Melissa O'Connor
A great designer with a penchant for turning trash into treasure. Mike’s work always comes out with an extremely clean and professional ‘look and feel’, no matter how raw the initial input. Mike’s ability to design with conversion and ROI in mind makes him a pleasure to work with from a marketing perspective.
— Pat O'Malley
Mike is a wonderful person to have on your team. He’s bright, positive, encouraging, and is always bringing ideas to the table. Paired with his ability to illustrate, his web skills are top notch. He delivers every time and is eager to help anyone out at any time. He handles criticism professionally and is always looking for new ways to grow. I worked with Mike on a daily basis and I reached out to him because of his artistic freehand skills on a particular project. He helped me arrive at a solution that not only pleased the client, but our managers as well. I really enjoyed working with Mike and would recommend him to any team.
— Stacy Streeter
Since bringing Michael on board as the Lead Editor at Inspiredology we’ve seen a solid increase in both content and editorial quality. He constantly brings new and exciting ideas to the table in order to further progress the website and Inspiredology communtiy. To say he goes ‘above and beyond’ would be an understatement.
— Andrew Dertinger
Mike has been a great addition to the Inspiredology team. We were confident in adding Mike to the team. He has shown a very high level of detail while being our Lead Editor. Mike has been a great source for new ideas and has added his own creative style to Inspiredology’s content. We are very excited to see where Mike can help drive our blog.
— Chad Mueller
Michael has amazing talents and is very easy to work with. His creativity and eye for detail took our project to an entirely new level.
— Lori Thompson